Almighty gamers!

Welcome back to the Secret Sorcery dev blog where we’ll be keeping you up to date with progress on Tethered, our VR debut title launching on PlayStation VR in October.


This week, we’ve got a new gameplay video for you to take a look at. In this one, we follow a Peep from hatching through to taking on a profession. When playing Tethered, it’s really easy to get lost in the depth and complexity of strategies you can employ, so we’ve done our best to keep as focused on the task as possible.

Emyr wants to become a farmer and by golly we’ll get him there!

Peep Professions

In Tethered, Peeps can take on professions that enhance their skills at particular tasks. Any Peep will perform any task you ask them to, but a trained Peep will always work more efficiently and will maximize your yields. For example, a “farmer” Peep is particularly skilled when it comes to growing and harvesting food sources, so expect greater quantities of food from fields and mushroom patches when you send a farmer to work them. Professions are a great way of maximizing your resource gathering in the game.


It’s worth keeping in mind that when creating this video, we’ve gone out of our way to avoid getting sucked into anything we don’t need to do to promote Emyr! It’s all captured live from the game, with absolutely no tom-foolery!


Hope you enjoy!