Tethered Divine Edition


This special edition bundle includes the critically acclaimed full game, its original soundtrack - written, produced and performed by 5x Academy nominated Kenny Young - and the beautiful dynamic theme.

  • “...utterly essential” - TheSixthAxis (9/10)
  • “...my favourite PSVR game... it’s bloody brilliant” - Pure PlayStation (9/10)
  • “...the most well-rounded, complete, and enjoyable experience I've had thus far on the platform” - PS4 Experts (9/10)
  • “...an excellent God-like strategy game...” - PushSquare (8/10)
  • “...one of the best VR games we’ve ever played” - Metro (8/10)

A magical strategy game like nothing you have experienced before. Immerse yourself in the gentle but challenging Virtual Reality world of Tethered; wield your godly powers to nurture your peeps, defeat dastardly critters and command elemental forces!


Available now on the PlayStation Store.

The Spirit Guardians Trailer

The Music Of Tethered by Kenneth Young

Tethered Dynamic Theme