We’ve been busy little sorcerers! Tethered got a massive update for PlayStation today (5th of April) that includes some awesome new features!

  • Players that don’t have virtual reality can now join the quest to save the Peeps from Despair and restore balance to your lands! The game plays beautifully in “Untethered” mode, and there are two amazing control methods to choose from!
  • PlayStation®4 Pro players can now experience the non-VR version of the game in an absolutely dazzling 4k native resolution at 60hz – it looks incredible and plays silky smooth, so lots of juicy bits for Pro owners to get excited about
  • We’ve also included a brand new community requested feature - Save game! The game now stores your progress at Dawn and Dusk every day!
  • Slow down and fast forward time with the godly touch of a button! Things getting too hectic? Give yourself that critical time needed to make decisions and save the day. Conversely, if you need to up the tempo, speed up time to get things moving!
  • You can also now skip the tutorial if you want to just dive right in and get started. Be warned though, the tutorial explains a lot! Skip at your own peril!

To coincide with the update, we’ve created some great new videos for you too. The first one is captured and rendered in the game’s non-vr native 4K resolution at 60fps - Silky Smooth!

Nige and Al also took a swing at playing the game and chatting – something that at least proves that Al can’t multitask very well (you’ll never get AAAA scores playing like that, Al!)

The update is free for all owners of the game.

It’s out on PlayStation Today 5th April, and will be available for PC imminently. More to come soon!

Thanks guys

Buy Tethered now from the PlayStation Store
Buy Tethered now from the PlayStation Store