Tethered Dynamic Theme

Give your PlayStation®4 a Tethered feel with our brand new dynamic theme.  With a stunning parallax background, ambient animations and aspects of the soundtrack written, performed and produced by 5x Academy nominated composer and sound designer, Kenny Young.


In this blog post Lucy, one of the artists at Secret Sorcery, will talk you through the process of turning our key concept art into the living breathing environment of the PS4 theme background.



"I'm Lucy, and it was my job to transform your PlayStation 4 dashboard into an enchanted home for your own personal Peeps. This was an incredibly fun task that involved me dabbling with a little bit of animation and a little bit of code (as well as a lot of image extraction), mixing it all together and converting it into a magical theme, including fluttering butterflies, shooting stars and customised icons."


"The parallaxing effect (which I can try and claim wasn't a complete and utter fluke on my part) was achieved with a simple FoV shift combined with moving the camera position."


"The gorgeous image provided by our Concept Artist, Espen (you can see more of his concept art on this post), was hacked to pieces as I had to extract trees from backdrop and Peeps from grass. (Sorry Espen!) But all this was required to help boost that parallax appearance, layering the background and foreground components, to give the appearance of movement as you jump between the Content and Function Menus."


Available now on the EU and US PlayStation Store.